Trust and safety

Thanks to the trust granted by our allied clients, for 15 years we have managed to continue in preparation and constant growth. The loyal collaboration between ACSI Research and its contractors promotes the existence of a conducive space for transcendent results. We invite you to meet us and achieve your goals in a totally satisfactory way.










Claudio Flores

ACSI Research is a very beloved company in AMAI, and also with a great job in Neuromarketing.

Raúl Espinoza

The truth is that ACSI has worked a lot for us, as the Marketing Department and the company in General to make assertive decisions in image changes and new products and to better understand our consumer, I highly recommend ACSI Research services and many thanks to everyone who collaborates there.

Cecilia González

We had the opportunity to work closely with ACSI Research, the team of professionals that make up this company helped us in carrying out studies, both within the university and abroad. The relationship that they have, especially with social and business leaders, was of great support for the studies we carried out, as well as the development of specific methodologies that we carried out, as well as the design of specific methodologies for the studies that were required in the relevance and quality. I thank the company, I thank Mtra Paola Solórzano and her entire team of professionals.

Claudio Flores

The work ACSI Research does in Neuromarketing is extraordinary

Claudio Flores

ACSI has the quality in market research with the advancement of standards to raise our performance, our performance as market researchers at AMAI.

Majo Abundis

We have been collaborating with ACSI Research for the last year and a half, it has made it easier for us to make decisions for the launch of new products and for the design of these, they have been great allies.

Jenny Peña Rodríguez

ACSI has helped us a lot to make better decisions in the launch of new products such as different drinks of different concepts, we thank you very much, thank you for your support.

Silvia Michel Diaz

The ACSI company has carried out for this institution nearly 200 studies of graduates and employers, which are a requirement for postgraduate programs, as well as for their creation, modification or entry into the PNPC of Conacyt, these studies are very important and we have had a pleasant experience with this company as they are very professional and we highly recommend them, thank you very much.

Miguel Bautista

We have worked with ACSI on several projects, the most important of which was the launch of Arbys here in Mexico, through ACSI we did a very interesting study that helped us understand the tastes and the way in which we had to modify our menu, So that our offer would be completely relevant to the Mexican consumer, then thanks to that study, today we know what are the buttons that we have to push in this market for our brand to be successful; we are very happy and definitely highly recommend their work.

Becky Felis

Without the help of ACSI Team we will never be able to launch and been here with the succesful that we expect. We made a intensive menu research and we feel we have the best products in the world to offer here for the very first time. It’s an amazing menu its a combination of U.S. favorites with the exclusive items you can’t find anywhere in the world and its all thanks to the amazing research done with our partners of ACSI Research.
Thanks to you guys. Cheers.