Our services include actionable information and strategies for our clients. Business intelligence provides the fundamental tools when making decisions because they provide reliable, relevant and timely information for solving problems and detecting opportunities.

All the projects carried out at ACSI Research are Ad Hoc to the needs and requirements of each of our clients, therefore, we rely on in-depth analysis of the need for information.


- Applied Neuroscience

Business Intelligence
- Big Data

The following are the most requested services, however, there is a wide range of studies suitable for each of our clients' activities.



The products offered in Strategic Research vary depending on the needs and requirements of each client, however, the following are part of the most requested:

  • Image and positioning of the product or service.
  • Consumption habits.
  • Market share.
  • Evaluation of new products or services.
  • Evaluation of advertising campaigns (pre-test and post-test).
  • Detection of current and potential market characteristics.
  • Level of user or customer satisfaction.
  • Acceptance / Rejection of a new brand, product or service.
  • Among others.


ACSI Research is recognized for its projects for local, state and federal governments. The projects that are generated most frequently are:

  • Impact of social projects.
  • Work environment in government entities.
  • Detection of social demands and needs.
  • Quality of life of the population.
  • Evaluation and qualification of the performance of authorities.
  • Human factors (happiness, security, pride, identity).
  • Pre-election (internal and formula).
  • Tracking.
  • Image and positioning of the candidate or public servant.
  • Campaign evaluation (pre-electoral or government).
  • Exit Poll.
  • Quick Count.
  • Among others.


ACSI Research is a specialist in academic and institutional research, being the only company that comprehensively generates this type of project both for internal monitoring and for CONACYT and international accreditations. Some projects are:

  • Follow-up of graduates.
  • Study employers for job placement.
  • Potential demand for educational programs.
  • Image and institutional positioning.
  • Evaluation of institutional campaigns.
  • Feasibility of educational programs.
  • Institutional work environment by student, academic and administrative profile.
  • Evaluation of curricular mesh and educational models.
  • Among others.


We provide in ACSI Research studies on product testing, which is used when you want to launch a new product on the market or, when modifications have been made to the original products to know the degree of acceptance or rejection of current and potential customers .

In the case of services, a test can be carried out when a shopping experience has had or is planned to have a change, for example, online sale, launch of a digital application, implementation of new technologies in the business, etc. To carry out product testing, various methodologies can be implemented such as group sessions, surveys, neuromarketing and / or neuroinsights.


The growth or generation of new businesses must be supported by relevant and actionable information to ensure success. Therefore, in ACSI Research we have the solution to know the feasibility of a new business or its expansion (new branches, franchises, new products, new market, new cities or countries, etc.). You must know the environment in which the business, the motivators and consumer brakes of the potential market, evaluation of the competition, as well as the characteristics of its segment will be developed to ensure the best decision-making.


At ACSI Research we develop a methodology that helps to identify the archetype of potential customers, that is, those who are willing to buy a brand, try a product, those who are interested in receiving information about a service, etc. With the X-ray of the client and the brand, companies will be able to better direct their communication strategies by knowing the socio-demographic factors of their target, as well as the most relevant cognitive and emotional factors.


The real estate and construction sector has a high impact on the national economy, as well as solid growth and they seek to be certain about the success and profitability of their project. That is why at ACSI Research we offer this solution that supports developers, investors, entrepreneurs or any other interested profile to know the best conditions in the area, their vocation, the interests of potential clients, evaluation of the attributes of the construction, among many others.


Geomarketing is a solution that we provide at ACSI Research, which supports decision makers to define whether a point is ideal for their creation or expansion project and focus strategies appropriately. This information is generated through various research techniques that include business intelligence with mapping by socioeconomic levels, as well as Trade Area desktop data with the sociodemographic profile, profile and commercial saturation, marginalization index, among others found in sources experts or government, which are complemented with field information that includes vehicle capacity, observation of flow generators, location brakes, benchmarking and is complemented with information from the target market for segmentation and detection of needs.


We are one of the pioneering agencies nationwide in providing this solution and at ACSI Research we are the only agency that has a laboratory in the West of the country. The evaluation of stimuli through Neuromarketing is the maximum scientific and technological innovation of market, social and political research, being able to observe and precisely explain the motivation, interest and possible action (purchase, vote, etc.). It is the technique that is responsible for comprehensively analyzing the responses at the brain level as well as the ocular trajectory and physiological responses to a certain stimulus.

The stimuli can be both visual, auditory, conceptual, aromas and physical, allowing the evaluation of both products, services, characters, advertising campaigns, among others. Knowing the response of acceptance and / or rejection to certain stimuli without bias and without subjectivity represents a significant advantage for decision-making.


We are the only company nationwide that has extensive experience in academic studies. ACSI Research has experience of more than 400 educational programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Some of the studies that are implemented with greater frequency are: Follow-up of graduates, Study with employers, Relevance and feasibility of educational programs, Demand or potential market for undergraduate or graduate degrees, and Potential demand for graduates. Likewise, studies have been carried out to analyze educational models, work tables between employers and the academic sector to review the curriculum, institutional repositories, evaluation instruments to filter applicants, among many others.

These studies support educational institutions to adjust their offer of study programs, learn about the job placement of their graduates, obtain certifications, among others. These studies are normally requested by accrediting bodies, for the PNPC of CONACYT, creating a new educational offer, among others.

Likewise, studies are carried out internally with the academic, administrative and student community personnel to evaluate their needs, impacts on academic programs, student life and institutional policies.


Our ACSI Research team is made up of highly trained sociological researchers, psychologists and marketers, who have developed ethnographic observational studies with the objective of knowing the detailed behavior of the population and the analysis of social groups. Which allows giving answers to extremely valuable consumer actions for decision making.

We carry out social studies in rural areas with difficult access, ethnic groups and indigenous peoples to know the impacts of social programs as well as understand their behavior and detect needs. With these projects, we were able to determine the quality of life of the population and human factors such as happiness, security, pride and identity.


At ACSI Research we have international experts in Data Science who provide, through the analysis and processing of information, the interpretation of data with various statistical and projective methodologies that help predict market behavior, consumption trends, among others. This solution allows detecting strategic variables of the project and generating predictive models to estimate sales and return on investment.


At ACSI Research we understand the changing market and the need for companies to adapt to the phenomena that occur, which is why we have a team of researchers and experts in strategic planning who, with information + strategy, manage to find disruptive alternatives to reinvent themselves and with it stay in the market.


Knowing the level of customer satisfaction and the shopping experience is one of the solutions we provide at ACSI Research, since it is essential for the stability and growth of any business line. Keeping customers satisfied is one of the essential strategies since attracting a new market represents a greater investment than keeping the market captive. The shopping experience is recognized as one of the most relevant differentiators for the consumer, from the pre-consumption evaluation to the post-sale evaluation.


We at ACSI Research have the experience and the precise methodologies to evaluate social trends, studies of public opinion, the image of public persons, evaluation of campaigns and proposed public policies. It has participated in various projects, being accurate its data from the electoral contests prior to the election with the intention of voting as well as in exit polls and quick counts, providing absolute confidentiality and reliability in the data and professionalism that are required by said studies.


At ACSI Research we carry out studies for the evaluation and qualification of the performance of authorities at different governmental levels, research is generated to detect social demands and needs as well as to evaluate the impact of social projects and prior and post-launch public policies. Likewise, we carry out work climate studies in government entities and evaluation of advertising campaigns.


Through work climate studies we measure from job satisfaction, such as organizational climate, communication, teamwork, priorities, time management, philosophy, hierarchical levels, workplace and sexual abuse or harassment, among others. It is an extremely delicate subject and therefore our team of researchers from ACSI Research with both qualitative and qualitative techniques were able to obtain results of great importance for the organization.

Likewise, we have implemented a new solution that allows the effective selection of candidates for strategic positions through the application of our Neuroinsights methodology, with in-depth interviews and application of Neuromarketing to detect the best profile without bias, guaranteeing their permanence and significant contributions to the company.


In ACSI Research we generate added value to our clients, by conducting workshops or strategic work sessions, bringing together experts from the business line that we wish to evaluate, where it generates a structured group dynamic of analysis and decision-making, based on intelligence information. of business. Due to the broad relationship with different sectors and connections that we have at ACSI Research, we manage to bring together leaders in each of the branches and these workshops manage to land clear strategies and actions to take, for the success of our clients' projects.


We provide in ACSI Research business intelligence to evaluate the points of sale in order to guarantee the visibility of the products, guarantee the exposure, price and position with respect to the competition as well as the service provided in your shopping experience and performance. Affluence counts, environment evaluation, customer profile, behavioral insights and customer needs are carried out, among others.


Using Data Science we study the digital behavior of the consumer and analyze the language of the market in social networks, with the aim of knowing their degree of approval and engagement according to the content, products and characters used in our clients' campaigns. As well as, the perception of consumers about the brand, the value points of the competition based on the opinion of the final consumer and the digital behavior of people who are linked with similar brands to uncover profiles that may be related.

In ACSI Research we analyze the publications both comments, photos and reviews from a psychosocial position to determine the digital archetypes of the users and to know the perception of citizens in relation to the variables to be measured, on the other hand, information can be obtained on variables that alter or maintain such perception, to implement specific government actions.


The image of a brand is the letter of introduction to its customers, it reflects the identity of the company, the product or service they offer, the attributes of the offer, among others. That is why we provide ACSI Research with the essential information to ensure that the image and the brand communicate assertively, that they are accepted by the client and that they create an impact. The insights detected in the research allow making the right decisions to improve positioning and therefore market penetration.


At ACSI Research we carry out studies to evaluate the campaigns before their launch, from the conceptual idea and the storytelling to the finished campaigns with the images and graphic elements and the audiovisual elements. We also evaluate the impact of the campaigns launched on campaign and brand positioning, sales, and a positive affinity or negative reaction, among others.

Various methodologies can be implemented to evaluate the campaigns, such as in-depth interviews, group sessions, surveys, neuromarketing, and/or neuroinsights.


At ACSI Research, we conduct studies to evaluate the current market with both direct and indirect competitors, detecting differentiators, competitive advantages, and business opportunities.

It is carried out through desktop research as well as with Mystery Shopper both internal to the company and external to competitors to evaluate aspects from image, service, prices, and attention, among other variables to be determined together with the client.


To respond to the constant needs of new technologies and emerging business models in the digital field, ACSI Research offers services related to understanding the user experience and the evaluation of interface design.

Research in UX (user experience), UI (User Interface), helps companies, government institutions and social organizations to improve the usability of their digital products.

Because we are research experts, we provide valuable insights, evaluate your products based on your customers' experience, and offer conclusions and recommendations that help your business implement best UX practices.

We focus on the entire process, from research design to the discovery and validation of finished products or prototypes.


As part of the social studies offered by ACSI and with the purpose of providing certainty to investors in hydrocarbon and electricity industry projects, ACSI Research offers Social Impact Assessments (EVIS).

This product focuses on supporting our clients so that they can access financing from the international banking system, since we align all our research processes with the principles of Ecuador.
We focus on the complete process, from the design of the research to the issuance of the final document that can be presented to the Ministry of Energy (SENER).


In ACSI Research, we conduct studies on the acceptance or rejection of entry prices by category and specifically, as well as the price elasticity of your product or service. This allows us to make informed decisions about price modifications using a specific curve that analyzes market gain or loss and repurchase behavior in response to price changes.


We conduct longitudinal studies with consumer panels. These panels consist of a group of individuals who share similar profiles and continuously record and evaluate their consumption across various categories, products, or services.