…That is why our industry is so relevant now and, above all, in the future. The relevance of the information is no longer just the data we generate with the research, but its analysis, timeliness and above all, converting Big Data into Small Data, THE DATA that will allow the client to make a firm decision.

Glimpsing this scenario, together with the various challenges we face in collecting information and capitalizing on technological advances, is why at ACSI Research we decided to be disruptive, incorporating neuroscience as a tool to obtain that oil (our data).

However, due to the novelty of this methodology, we have been faced with the fact that there is ignorance and even a certain suspicion on the part of the client (whom we call an ally) and sometimes, even though neuroscience is the best tool to answer their questions, they tend to towards well-known qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

In addition to the above, having carried out nearly 3,000 research projects, some questions, although answered objectively, in certain cases showed absences that could be complemented. That is, greater precision and metric certainty in qualitative studies, as well as the reasons and why they are so valuable in the results of neuroscience.

This is where Neuroinsights was born, ACSI Research creates this new methodology that fuses both tools, the qualitative one with in-depth interviews with neuroscience applied to marketing, giving our client – ally a complete vision and finding with greater certainty and support the Small Data so precious.

The moment of truth for us is resulting in having greater penetration and acceptance in the market in the face of the unknown and, in addition, it provides us with a relevant differentiator. This strategy allows us to grant a highly tangible additional benefit to our allies.

It consists of merging something known with something unknown. Something familiar with something new, a methodology of excellence by tradition with an innovative methodology. That’s Neuroinsights.

The research protocol is designed together, sharing the same objectives, applied to the same subject but approached from different angles. The subject is exposed to both methodologies designed from their conception to be complementary.

The results that we deliver correspond to the graphs and metrics of the Neurosciences with the reasons and the understanding of that result together with the insights of the in-depth interviews. Concluding with the most important, the final data with certainties and support.

To our allies we say, not only which product, design or communication element generates greater recall, acceptance or motivation to purchase, through neuroscience with the analysis of brain, galvanic, eye and heart responses to stimuli if not the reasons that lead to that decision, which has been capitalized on a holistic vision of understanding and therefore on successful national launches.

For example, we have carried out studies on the release of commercial musical pieces for their programming and push, determining which ones generate the greatest engagement, and with Neuroinsights the inexplicable becomes clear and justifiable conclusions. Although the research does not make predictions, it is possible to generate favorable scenarios and compare the results with the impacts on the market. An issue that we at ACSI Research achieved with Neuroinsights.

“Let’s turn the oil of today into the success of the future.”